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TeraText® SAFE

Do more than store your email. Turn your records into usable information.

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Years of email. Seconds to find.

Leidos's TeraText® Searchable Archive for Files and Email (SAFE) is an enterprise-class search platform that enables government agencies and corporations to archive, store and search emails, files, and attachments in real time. Search results appear within seconds from a single application.

TeraText SAFE helps your organization meet compliance requirements by providing a tool set to collect and maintain a searchable archive. This search capability can also increase productivity by delivering information to users, wherever they can access a web browser or PDA. Fast search combined with powerful security features such as access control and audit logging support information security, forensics, and e-Discovery activities to reduce the IT staff's workload of manually searching email back up tapes.

TeraText SAFE is a new product built on the proven TeraText Database System. Originally developed for the intelligence community, TeraText DBS delivers a proven platform for storing and searching large volumes of information. From this core capability, Leidos developed an enterprise-class tool to store and search billions of emails, files, and attachments. Years of email. Seconds to find.

  • Enterprise scalability
  • Real-time search
  • Protect privacy of users and security of information
  • Mobile — web or PDA access
  • Compatible with existing email servers — Exchange, SendMail, PostFix
  • Federated architecture — store your data locally but search globally
  • Rapid deployment for efficient implementation

What is TeraText SAFE?

This link opens a new window to the Compliance and Archive PDF Datasheet (176k)A Highly-Scalable Email Archiving Platform

  • Enables your enterprise to collect and store email records and associated files and attachments
  • Co-exists with current Exchange infrastructure
  • Store email archives locally, search globally to minimize time and effort to complete FOIA and e-discovery search processes

This link opens a new window to the Personal Productivity PDF Datasheet (195k)A Personal Productivity Tool

  • Help your employees find information when they need it by searching email, attachments and shared files securely in seconds from a web browser or mobile device
  • Find contact information in seconds
  • Advanced collaboration tools — locate expertise within the enterprise

This link opens a new window to the Data Security PDF Datasheet (183k)An Enterprise Security & Forensic Tool

  • Control user access to mailboxes
  • Search across a single server or across your enterprise
  • Audit trails to protect user privacy and information security
  • Locate classified spills quickly
  • Identify threats within the organization — counter-terrorism, counter-espionage, breaches of policy

This link opens a new window to the E-Discovery and FOIA PDF Datasheet (190k)An E-Discovery and FOIA Tool

  • Precision search email, attachments, and shared files by owner/sender/receiver, date and content
  • Tag records per request for export, exemption, or out-of-scope
  • Export tagged records to other systems
  • Save and periodically replay searches for "holds", "freezes" and on-going extraction

TeraText SAFE Features

  • Search messages and attachments
  • Search and retrieve in seconds — not minutes, hours or days
  • Supports storage of emails in tamper-proof hardware
  • Quickly ingests into archive of both historical (e.g. PST files) and real-time emails
  • References attachments already in the server to remove duplicates
  • Audit trails of privileged search activities
  • Users can recover their own email and attachments if deleted
  • Stores emails in open-standard format
  • View content of PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and hundreds more formats without resident applications
  • Enterprise scalability — maintains search and retrieval performance as your archive grows

TeraText SAFE Benefits

TeraText SAFE turns your email into usable information by applying search capabilities while maintaining record security originally developed for intelligence agencies worldwide.

Once your emails and attachments are archived, a wealth of information becomes immediately available.

Government Users
  • Prevent the loss or deletion of important communications
  • File and manage emails effectively into a searchable archive
  • Find essential information quickly within emails and attachments
  • Quickly search emails and attachments when responding to FOIA and discovery requests
Corporate Users
  • Comply with regulatory requirements (e.g. FRCP, Sarbanes-Oxley)
  • Increase personal productivity by reducing time spent looking for information in emails
  • Access email content from the web or a PDA
Law Firms
  • Perform fast conflict-of-interest searches
  • Make use of enhanced due diligence research capability
  • Rapidly access information from a single source
  • Use the same search capabilities for personal and corporate email that you use for e-discovery
IT Professional
  • Use storage efficiently
  • Implement the system simply and quickly
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for IT staff to manually search back-up tapes to satisfy information requests
  • Allow users to access their archived email directly
  • Minimize effort to support legal or e-discovery requests

TeraText SAFE Solutions

TeraText SAFE can be used as a highly-scalable email archiving platform, an enterprise security and forensic tool, an e-discovery and FOIA tool, or as a personal productivity tool.

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