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TeraText® SAFE Solutions

TeraText SAFE can be used as a highly-scalable email archiving platform, an enterprise security and forensic tool, an e-discovery and FOIA tool, or as a personal productivity tool.

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Compliance & Archive

Good government is open government, but no government agency wants adverse publicity. Federal law requires government agencies to keep records of what they do and produce them on legislative request to satisfy Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) inquiries, subpoenas, and discovery. Agency email is an important segment of government records. It can represent as much as 80 percent of an agency’s transactions.

Failure to produce email when requested or subpoenaed by the legislature or a court has political, career, and potentially criminal implications. FOIA requests increasingly insist on email records being made available—and often with little notice. The cost of manually locating, opening, and searching back-up tapes, saved files, desktop email collections (such as Personal Folder Storage [PST] files) and email servers (such as Exchange) for every request is prohibitive and unlikely to meet legislated time constraints.

Leidos's TeraText Searchable Archive for Files and Email (SAFE) is a scalable platform that plugs into an existing Exchange environment and archives incoming and outgoing email. TeraText SAFE’s federated architecture allows even large agencies to store information locally but search globally in seconds. Because TeraText captures email directly from the server, messages and attachments are archived and searchable immediately.

  • Cost Effective, Easy To Deploy

    Purchase of TeraText SAFE includes services to facilitate safe and secure deployment within your organization or a third-party host.

  • Build on Existing Infrastructure

    The system’s Exchange journaling and mail forwarding features help enterprises automate email archiving without disrupting end users.

  • Enterprise Features

    For an auditor, forensic user, human resource administrator, information technology specialist, or legal professional, TeraText SAFE helps streamline monitoring with features that include proactive notification, saved search filters, and the ability to mark emails and export them with attachments for other processing or holds.

  • Federated Architecture

    The system’s federated architecture helps users search distributed archives as though they were a single archive with secure Web interfaces. TeraText SAFE users can access their archive using a browser on their computer or mobile device like a personal digital assistant. The archive is current and includes the latest changes.

    Local departments can control their own stores, or the enterprise can centralize the store. Searching is the same either way.

  • File Migration

    TeraText SAFE helps users consolidate uncontrolled c: drive repositories of email (PST files) into a centrally managed, searchable archive. Users can manually drag and drop loose documents into the archive that are not sent as attachments.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Supports regulatory compliance

    Helps organizations meet requirements set by National Archives & Records Administration, Department of Defense, and FOIA

  • Facilitates real-time searches of email and attachments

    Allows users to search their own collection, while enabling the enterprise to search across all collections as appropriate

  • Supports security regime developed for the U.S. intelligence community

    Supports role-based access beyond user’s mailbox, audit trails for privileged access, security spill clean-up, and identification of inadvertent information release

  • Features archive compression and deduplication

    Helps reduce storage costs and increase retention capability

  • Preserves integrity of messages

    Preserves messages and attachments in original format

  • Migrates existing c: drive repositories

    Helps eliminate need to visit repeatedly a user’s machine to get email

  • Provides Web folders for loose documents

    Enables users to drag-and-drop documents that were not sent as attachments to the archive

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Data Security

Email records much of an organization’s day-to-day activity. According to estimates, more than 80% of all transactions are currently processed through email systems. Unauthorized access to email could expose sensitive information—national secrets, confidential business knowledge, and personal details—to prying eyes.

Leidos’s TeraText Searchable Archive for Files and Email (SAFE) provides a scalable, tamper-resistant archive of email and attachments that users can quickly search. Designed to satisfy the access control, security, and focused search requirements of the intelligence community, TeraText SAFE provides a platform that facilitates search without sacrificing privacy and security. For more than 10 years, customers in secure and sensitive environments have been using the underlying TeraText database system and high-speed precision search engine to access billions of documents daily.

Organizations can use TeraText SAFE for real-time searches across multiple archives throughout the enterprise to support forensic analysis and help prevent espionage and other breaches. A centralized search of all email, past and present, can help to identify spills of classified information into unclassified networks. The same capabilities also help protect personal information and assist organizations in complying with medical privacy regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in the United States.

  • Connects to Existing Authentication

    TeraText SAFE is deployed with a secured Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) connector allowing encrypted connection directly to existing Active Directory or LDAP authentication stores. Leidos can configure TeraText SAFE for use with other protocols as required.

  • Typical Users

    Most users see only emails sent by them (or sent, carbon copied, or blind carbon copied to them), attachments in those messages, or files shared to a group to which they have access. Search of index terms and other advanced features only use content to which that user has access.

  • Privileged Users

    TeraText SAFE supports extended access to email and files of additional users or groups by role.

  • Privileged Systems

    Advanced collaboration and forensic capabilities access information across the enterprise, but limit exposure of the content to help protect the privacy of individuals.

  • Active Monitoring

    TeraText SAFE can be configured with saved searches that are activated whenever content is added to the archive. These searches can initiate a message to security staff to help limit the fall-out from security or policy breaches.

  • Security Spills

    TeraText SAFE is designed to help manage spills of classified material into unclassified systems and support the clean-up process.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Security regime developed for intelligence community

    Meets most government security requirements immediately

  • Authenticated access only

    Provides authorized users access to corporate information assets

  • Authenticated access to existing LDAP server (including to Active Directory)

    Requires no additional user authentication maintenance overhead

  • Role-based access beyond user’s mailbox

    Allows privileged users access to other users’ email

  • Audit trail of privileged search

    Simplifies monitoring of abuse of privileges for action by security

  • Ability to show user the subset of the repository to which he or she has access as the entire repository

    Helps prevent users from seeing that they are being denied access to some information

  • Tamper-resistant store (with appropriate hardware)

    Preserves messages and attachments in original format

Download the Data Security Datasheet

Discover how TeraText SAFE protects sensitive information in a scalable, tamper-resistant archive. Download Now »

Image of the Data Security datasheet.

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E-Discovery & FOIA

Federal agencies and large organizations frequently are required to produce electronic records and documents, including email, by subpoena from a court or the legislature, a discovery request as part of the litigation process, or a request under the Freedom of Information Act. In addition, potential legal problems can arise when classified material spills into unclassified networks. Rather than waiting for a government or media inquiry, agencies must be proactive and identify potential issues before they become problems.

Leidos’s TeraText Searchable Archive for Files and Email (SAFE) turns your email archive into an information resource with centralized management. The tool is designed so that authorized users can:

  • Search the entire corporate email archive rather than having to examine every workstation to extract information
  • Identify inappropriate activity early and then apply appropriate remedies — before an organization is exposed to risk
  • Save searches and replay them periodically
  • As new material comes in, notify other appropriate users of material that is potentially relevant to an investigation

TeraText SAFE provides a high-speed, precision search capability of email header fields (including addresses) and full-text content of email and attachments. TeraText SAFE stores email and attachments in their original format and can export them for evidentiary purposes or for ingestion into case management, e-discovery, or similar systems.

  • Low Impact to Existing Infrastructure

    TeraText SAFE plugs into your existing email server and forwards all ingoing and outgoing email to the archive where it can be searched as a single collection. The process is transparent; it does not affect user interaction with the email server. Email is available for search within minutes of arriving at the email archive.

  • Fast Enterprise Search

    For auditors, forensic users, IT administrators, or legal professionals, TeraText SAFE provides tools to search the entire email archive for patterns of behavior, inappropriate activity, or risk to the organization. The tool is designed to run searches manually, periodically, or every time the archive is updated to facilitate monitoring. Users can save their searches and email the results to nominated email accounts.

  • Federated Architecture

    With TeraText SAFE, authorized users can search distributed archives as though they were a single archive. Its Web interfaces are secure. Local departments can control their own stores, or the enterprise can centralize the store — searching is the same either way. With this tool, users no longer need to manually locate email on multiple machines.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Designed as a tamper-proof repository of all sent and received emails

    Helps reduce time spent searching for information so employees can spend more time acting on it

  • Real-time search of email and attachments

    Saves time for users

  • Authorized users can search the entire repository

    Reduce need to involve IT in investigation

  • Features archive compression and deduplication

    Helps reduce storage costs and increase retention capability

  • Stores email and documents in native format (but extracts contents for search)

    Can use archived contents as evidence

  • Removes duplicate files, attachments, and emails

    Efficient utilization of forensic user time

Download the E-Discovery & FOIA Datasheet

Discover how TeraText SAFE can simplify e-discovery initiatives and ensures relevant material is preserved. Download Now »

Image of the E-Discovery & FOIA datasheet.

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Personal Productivity

Email is quickly becoming the most prevalent form of business communications. But the volume of email sent and received in today’s work place is overwhelming. Finding that nugget of critical information or that important contact name can drain productivity and slow progress on a project as employees search through screen after screen of messages. Fortunately, Leidos’s TeraText Searchable Archive for Files and Email (SAFE) offers a solution to this challenge.

TeraText SAFE is an email management platform that archives incoming and outgoing email messages and their attachments, including documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. Employees, whether in the office or on the road, can access the email archive from the Web or from a personal digital assistant (PDA). Powerful search algorithms help people find the information they need, when they need it, thus contributing to increased productivity.

  • Transparent to Users

    An important feature of TeraText SAFE is that users don’t need to change their behavior. They continue to use email, desktop business applications, and collaboration technology as they normally would. TeraText SAFE works with the information created by those applications to help employees efficiently mine that information for use in current projects. With TeraText SAFE, you can unlock the information captured in enterprise email to empower your people.

  • Limit Double Entry

    Have you ever written the same email to five different people because it took longer to find the old one than to write it again? TeraText SAFE helps you find past emails quickly. You can forward or print emails directly from the archive, as well as easily copy and paste them into new messages and documents.

  • Find Expertise

    Don’t rely on out-of-date résumés and skills databases to identify experts in your organization. TeraText SAFE uses the everyday communications of your people to help identify their areas of interest and connect your experts to the needs within your organization.

  • Remote Access

    With a simple, secure Web browser interface and PDA options, TeraText SAFE gives employees access to emails and attachments when they need it, where they need it.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Searches email and attachments quickly

    Reduces time spent searching for information so employees can spend more time acting on it

  • Provides easy-to-use interface to email archive

    Reduces training time as it’s transparent to users

  • Identifies employee expertise using email and attachments

    Helps increase collaboration between employees

  • Provides email archive access via PDA and Web browser

    Maintain productivity whether on the road or in the office

  • Extracts contact information from email and supports fuzzy matching

    Reduces time spent maintaining contact lists

  • Reduces dependence on and proliferation of Personal Folder Storage (.pst) files on desktop or server

    Helps improve performance of servers and desktop computers

  • Removes duplicate files, attachments, and emails

    Helps minimize storage requirements

Download the Personal Productivity Datasheet

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Image of the Personal Productivity datasheet.

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