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TeraText® Product Suite

The TeraText suite of products includes a number of technologies for solving complex archival, search, and text-oriented problems. These include an enterprise-class email and attachments search platform, a high- performance repository for text-rich assets, and document management and metadata publishing systems.

Database System icon TeraText DBS

TeraText Database System includes all of the necessary functionality for storing, managing, searching, and retrieving a large collection of text documents.

TeraText SAFE icon TeraText SAFE

TeraText SAFE automatically and instantly archives incoming and outgoing email in a massively scalable, tamper-proof vault.

Document Management System icon TeraText DMS

This system supports an authoritative document repository to manage documents from draft through QA to final published baseline.

Metadata Publishing System icon TeraText MPS

This system manages the process of sharing metadata about published documents using OAI-PMH standards to record change information.

TeraText for Legislation icon TeraText for Legislation

TeraText for Legislation adds a set of tools to the Document Management System to help manage and automate the process of drafting, enacting, and publishing legislation.

Solutions and Services

Solutions built around the TeraText product suite are focused on taking archives and collections of text-rich data and documents and providing the customer with high-value information.

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