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TeraText® News & Events

We regularly exhibit our suite of text-oriented technologies at key industry conferences and periodically release new versions of our products. View the list of events below to see when we'll be in a city near you.

Oct 15-18 2009

ARMA 54th International Conference and Expo: Orlando, Fla.

ARMA International holds the premier event for the records and information management profession, drawing from more than 4,000 professionals from around the world.

View details at the ARMA site.

TeraText products will be showcased in SAIC's booth (Booth 1225) this year, including a demonstration of a 5015.2-compliant records management solution using TeraText Searchable Archive for Files and Email (SAFE).

29 Jun 2009

New South Wales PCO launches new version of LEGIS legislation drafting system

New South Wales Parliamentary Counsels Office (PCO) today deployed the latest version of the LEGIS legislation, drafting management and publication system. This system, built by SAIC Pty Ltd on the TeraText for Legislation suite, has been in successful production for a number of years assisting the PCO to draft, manage and publish Bills, Acts, and statutory instruments and other subordinate legislation for a number of years. The latest version of LEGIS includes improved event management and reporting capabilities and supports the authorization of the electronic copy of legislation as authoritative.

While the drafting system is not accessible to the public, the published legislation is available from a TeraText DBS-based website.

View details at the NSW Australia website.

20 Apr 2009

DISA Customer Partnership Conference: Anaheim, CA

TeraText products are on display at the SAIC stand at the DISA Customer Partnership Conference in the Anaheim Convention Center.

This conference facilitates a continuing interface between DISA and DISA's customers and strategic partners by allowing attendees to benefit from the perspective of Department of Defense and industry speakers.

08 Jan 2009

TeraText SAFE 1.3 released

Version 1.3 of the TeraText Searchable Archive for Files and Email (SAFE) was released today.

This release adds a file crawler that can be pointed to a file system to import a large volume of files more efficiently than the web folder drag-and-drop approach still recommended for ad hoc archiving and sharing. It also adds the concept of volunteer archiving allowing individuals to voluntarily archive their email without setting up journaling in the email server.

20 Oct 2008

ARMA 53rd Annual Conference: Las Vegas, NV

ARMA showcases numerous products and services provided by records management vendors and offers a venue for records management professionals to meet and exchange experiences, ideas and technology.

TeraText Searchable Archive for Files and Email (SAFE) is a key part of the SAIC booth at the Association of Records Managers & Administrators (ARMA International) 53rd Annual Conference and Expo in Las Vegas.

15 Oct 2008

New South Wales launches 'authoritative' public website of legislation

New South Wales Parliamentary Counsels Office (PCO) today deployed the latest version of their legislation website. This system, built by SAIC Pty Ltd on the TeraText for Legislation suite, has been in successful production for a number of years providing public access to HTML and PDF versions of Acts, Regulations and other statutory instruments. The latest version of this website supports the certification by the Parliamentary Counsel of these electronic documents as correct versions under Section 45C(5) of the Interpretation Act 1987.

View the details of what is certified by the Parliamentary Counsel.

View details of the legislaton at the NSW Australia Legislation website.

10 Oct 2008

Australian Parliament uses TeraText for Legislation to manage Bill passage

The Australian Parliament today installed the new LEGIS system online to support the administration and publication of bills, associated material and other legislation information. This system, based on the highly successful implementation of TeraText for Legislation in the New South Wales Parliamentary Counsel's Office LEGIS system, was built by SAIC Pty Ltd. LEGIS provides the Australian Parliament with the ability to track and manage multiple versions of Bills and related documents and the events surrounding the passage of a Bill through Parliament with powerful pre-prepared and ad hoc reporting capabilities.

Bills, legislation and other related information about the passage of Bills is available to the public from a TeraText DBS-based website.

View details of the legislaton at the Australian Parliament website.

25 Sep 2008

TeraText SAFE 1.2 released

Version 1.2 of the TeraText Searchable Archive for Files and Email (SAFE) was released today.

This release adds support for 64-bit Windows and Microsoft Exchange 2007 SP1 and adds a new concept of communities of interest allowing users to share selected email and documents with other users in administrator-determined groups.

9 Sep 2008

Australian Parliament site ParlInfo Search launched

The Australian Parliament launched their new ParlInfo Search website on Tuesday, September 9. This system was built by SAIC Pty Ltd using the world leading text database technology, TeraText Database System, and is accessible at the Australian Parliament website.

ParlInfo provides access to information about debates and activities of the Australian Parliament including:

  • Official Parliamentary records
  • Hansard
  • Other Parliamentary material
  • Bills
  • Media resources
  • Library collections
  • Publications

20 Jun 2008

TeraText DMS 5.0 released

Version 5.0 of the TeraText Document Management System (DMS) was released today.

TeraText DMS 5.0 incorporates the many improvements in TeraText DBS 5.2 and provides improved indexing of numerous file formats (utilizing the underlying DBS capability), improved reporting capabilities, and enhances the workflow management support with the ability to track ad hoc events associated with a workflow, document or document version.

29 May 2008

TeraText DBS 5.2 released

Version 5.2 of the TeraText Database System (DBS) was released today.

This release provides numerous efficiency, security and feature enhancements including improved security using SSL to protect key communications channels between DBS components, support for IPv6, introduction of 64-bit Windows and Solaris x86-64 versions in addition to the 64-bit Linux, 64-bit Solaris SPARC and 32-bit Windows versions already supported, and an improved pure Java Z39.50 API.

20 May 2008

TeraText SAFE-Symposium Event Washington, DC

This event, held at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center, was a wonderful success with a number of leaders from government and industry IT and records management fields meeting together to hear different perspectives on how email in a large enterprise can be used as a valuable resource, not just a source of compliance headaches.

Participants engaged in discussions about and viewed demonstrations of current technologies that can be applied to large-scale email environments to improve employee productivity and address security and privacy needs of the organization and individuals.

11 March 2008

TeraText SAFE Seminar: Balancing Operational Efficiency with Regulatory Compliance — Melbourne, Australia

Hosted by Larry Cox, Senior Vice President, SAIC, this seminar draws on the experience of SAIC’s work with US National Security and Intelligence Agencies, and the Legislative branches of government. TeraText SAFE is featured as an advanced email search and archive product suitable to meet the needs of commercial organizations and government departments seeking to meet archive, freedom of information and corporate government compliance issues.

5–7 February 2008


SAIC made a big impression at this year's AFCEA West Meeting, and it wasn't just the TeraText SAFE’s display in the company's booth that showed SAIC is a serious email search and archival player. SAIC is a Gold Donor to the AFCEA Educational Foundation.

Held February 05 – 07, 2008 in San Diego, the event was one of the largest technical symposiums on the West Coast for communications, electronics, intelligence, information systems, imaging, military weapon systems, aviation, and shipbuilding. Key personnel from NASA, the Department of Defense, Navy, and Air Force were among the participants.

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer hosted the DON IM (Information Management) and IT (Information Technology) Conference concurrent with AFCEA West. This conference of IT-related talks and panels was open to the attendees of AFCEA West 2008 and attracted an audience of influential government decision makers in IT to the exhibit floor who make difficult decisions regarding their organization's email and document archival policies and requirements.

SAIC's large exhibit at the conference included a display of the new TeraText SAFE email archiving solution, along with displays of other SAIC software products and technologies, such as the NOAA Tsunami buoy, IPv6 security software and intelligence gathering and analysis solutions.

Many top DoD leaders toured SAIC's exhibit, including General T. J. Conway, Commandant of the Marine Corps.

15–16 January 2008

21st AFCEA Mid-Atlantic Intelligence Symposium at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Kossiakoff Center

SAIC exhibited TeraText Safe solutions. The symposium focused on "NSA in a Virtual World; An Agile Cryptologic Enterprise" and featured discussions with key leadership from Government, Industry and Military.

12–13 December 2007

NetApp 2007 Federal Partners Summit

Mike Sapp, TeraText Product Manager attended and supported the NetApp partners summit. SAIC exhibited and demonstrated a solution that included TeraText SAFE email search and archiving solutions combining NetApp storage technology. These real-time email search and storage solutions offer technologies providing outstanding value and performance in searching and storing email archives.

23 November 2007

European Community Seminar on Codification in Brussels, BE

SAIC's TeraText team member, Dr. Arnold-Moore was invited to speak on automating the codification process and efforts in the British Commonwealth to support this in legislatures and related drafting offices.

12 November 2007

SAIC IISBU Technical Showcase in Columbia, MD

SAIC's Jeanne Barker and Dr. Arnold-Moore spoke about the TeraText Searchable Archive for Files and Email (SAFE) product, an innovative solution to allow organizations to leverage their legislatively required email archive as a usable corporate information asset.

11–14 September 2007

DSEi — London, UK

The world’s largest fully integrated international defence exhibition bringing together senior international visitors and military influencers in an optimal business environment. SAIC exhibited its TeraText SAFE product to military, defense, and intelligence customers from around the world. TeraText SAFE’s strength in forensics, counter-intelligence, and spills management were highlighted to these customers.

12 July 2007

Dutch Institute for Legislation Seminar on Quality of Legislation and ICT in The Hague

NLSAIC's Dr. Arnold-Moore was invited to speak on innovative technology for drafting and publishing legislation.

23 April 2007

2007 Innovation Insights at the Wigwam Resort in Phoenix, AZ

In the same way that Industrialization was the science that built the last two centuries of global prosperity and progress, Innovation is the science that will move us forward into the next two centuries. But make no mistake about it this is not the "seat of the pants," "gut feel," "let's just brainstorm" type of innovation many of us grew up with. This is innovation as a true science with ground rules, methods, business practices, behaviors, and technologies that you can teach and learn — stuff you can sink your teeth into as well as wrap your mind around.

05 December 2006

XML 2006 Conference, in Boston, MA

This conference was geared towards XML and XML-related technologies. SAIC's Dr. Arnold-Moore spoke on TeraText-related solutions for legislation using XML.

View Presentation abstract »

28 November 2006

Gilbane Conference on Content Technologies 2006, in Boston, MA

This conference was geared toward technologies for managing semi-structured content and includes enterprise and web content management technologies and related products, collaborative technologies, and electronic publishing products.

13 June 2006

Gilbane Conference on Content Technologies for Government 2006, in Washington, DC.

Worldwide, the volume of digital content doubles every three years. The ubiquitous management difficulties that this presents have become particularly acute for federal government. Federal web sites, file systems, and email repositories are bulging with content at a time when managers face unprecedented demands to share information across agencies and with business and citizens. Meanwhile, government agencies are paying greater attention to the long-standing challenges of archiving digital content and managing digital records. This conference focused on solutions for these pressing issues for government.

09 May 2006

Intelcon 2006, in Bethesda, MD

This conference focused on applications of technology for the intelligence community. SAIC's Bill Wolf spoke on an application that uses TeraText DBS to manage a multi-terabyte database of raw and processed intelligence.

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24 April 2006

Gilbane Conference on Content Technologies 2006, in San Francisco, CA

This conference was geared toward technologies for managing semi-structured content and includes enterprise and web content management technologies and related products, collaborative technologies and electronic publishing products.

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