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The TeraText® suite of products includes a number of technologies for solving complex archival, search, and text-oriented problems.

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TeraText Searchable Archive for Files and Email (SAFE)

TeraText SAFE is an enterprise-class email archival and search platform that enables government agencies and corporations to archive, store, and search emails, files, and attachments in real time. Search results appear within seconds from a single application.

TeraText Database System (DBS)

TeraText DBS is a high-performance platform for storing, searching, and managing information. It was built from the ground up to be optimized for text. It was designed for semi-structured data in standards such as XML and SGML but will store and index files in one of about 370 different standard office formats.

Unlike relational database management systems (RDBMS), the TeraText DBS stores documents natively, handles large data collections, and provides complex text operators. The TeraText DBS differs from other XML databases as it can store and index multiple document types (not just XML), is highly scalable, and performs distributed searches. The TeraText DBS does more than text search engines as it takes advantage of structured fields, and stores and manages content, not just indexing it.

The TeraText DBS satisfies numerous guidelines that assist government agencies to satisfy their Section 508 compliance requirements. A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template for the TeraText DBS can be emailed on request. Additional information is available on Section 508 Solutions.

TeraText Document Management System (DMS)

Utilizing the power of the DBS, TeraText DMS delivers a platform for managing your corporate document assets. It provides flexible versioning models (including support for fragmentation of XML or SGML documents and separate versioning of the fragments), easy definition of additional fields (metadata) stored with the document or in the document, the ability to browse and search documents and components at a specified time, the ability to track which version of a component belongs with which versions of documents, and the ability to manage complex document lifecycle or business process rules in a workflow management environment.

TeraText Metadata Publishing System (MPS)

TeraText MPS uses the database system to manage the process of sharing metadata about published documents using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata harvesting (OAI-PMH) standards to package information about changes on a Web site.

TeraText for Legislation

TeraText for Legislation adds a set of tools to the document management system (DMS) to help manage the process of drafting and publishing legislation and assists governments (including Canada, Australia, and Papua New Guinea) to manage and even automate many of the drafting and publishing steps for these very important documents. This tool set is the basis of the very successful EnAct® system deployed in Tasmania and Papua New Guinea, and Legis system in New South Wales.

EnAct is a registered trademark in Australia of Inquirion Pty Limited, a wholly owned Leidos company