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TeraText® Document Management System

TeraText Document Management System (DMS) supports an authoritative document repository to manage documents from draft through QA to final published baseline.

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Built on a Solid Structured Text Database Foundation

TeraText Document Management System (DMS) is built on the TeraText Database System (DBS) and inherits many of the capabilities of the DBS, including:

  • Outstanding performance and scalability
  • Minimizing storage requirements
  • Flexible integration with an emphasis on standards
  • Comprehensive security
  • Native storage of XML
  • Support for complex text search
  • Role-based security model with very fine control

Authoritative Repository to Manage Authoring and Publication Process

TeraText DMS supports an authoritative document repository to manage documents from draft through QA to final published baseline. TeraText DMS aids the document creation process with standards-based versioning and workflow. It helps improve quality by keeping audit trails and tracking dependencies. TeraText DMS offers role-based access and update control with

Advanced Versioning Capabilities

TeraText DMS offers extremely powerful versioning capabilities for complex, structured and semi-structured documents in SGML or XML format. Whole documents can be versioned as a single series, a set of branches with alternatives, or threaded with draft and published threads. A single version can collect multiple renditions — XML, Word, PDF and HTML. This allows powerful XML search capabilities to be used to retrieve matching PDF or Word documents. Documents can be fragmented using XML markup and the individual components versioned independently of the documents to which they belong. This allows component reuse and the ability to track in which documents and versions of documents a component is used. It is even possible to search and retrieve a document as it once existed at a particular point in time.

Standards-based Service Oriented Architecture

TeraText DMS delivers a set of web services using the W3C's SOAP and WSDL framework so TeraText DMS can be utilized from most modern programming environments, including .NET, Java/J2EE, Python, and PHP. TeraText DMS capabilities can be delivered in a default web interface (which provides a worklist interface) or via custom interfaces using browsers or directly in authoring environments. Customers are currently accessing TeraText DMS from authoring environments, including Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, PTC/Arbortext Editor, and WordPerfect.

Document versioning capabilities are based on the complete Document Management Alliance object model, architecture and application programming interfaces (APIs), adapted for web services. Workflow and business process management capabilities are based on the Workflow Management Coalition set of standards and APIs, adapted for web services.

Proven in Complex Document Environments

The TeraText DMS has been applied to managing the authoring and publication of technical documentation and complex legal documents such as legislation.

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