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TeraText® Metadata Publishing System

TeraText Metadata Publishing System (MPS) is a turn-key application to manage centralized search of resources scattered in numerous locations, physical and virtual.

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TeraText Metadata Publishing System (MPS) is a turn-key application to manage centralized search of resources scattered in numerous locations, physical and virtual. Users search across all participating collections using a customizable web interface or plug into an existing web site using a service-oriented architecture. These collections communicate efficiently with the central server to minimize resource requirements. TeraText MPS is built on the powerful full-text and metadata searching capabilities of the TeraText Database System (DBS).

Easy-to-Use Web Search Interface

TeraText MPS provides an easy to use web interface that can be easily customized to fit in with existing enterprise web templates and standards. Users can access a simple search interface (a single window to enter text queries) or an advanced search (where users can easily narrow the query by date, subject or other metadata). TeraText MPS displays the results of a search using faceted browsing – showing the whole result list as well as a list of selected metadata categories and values that matched in the query and how many records appear in each subcategory. This allows users to quickly identify categories of interest and narrow their search when results are too numerous.

Service-Oriented Architecture

Alternatively, TeraText MPS services can be accessed through a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) allowing it to be easily integrated with the existing enterprise web framework including J2EE or .Net using a wide variety of programming languages.

Efficient Use of Network Resources

Many federated indexing tools rely on periodically crawling participating collections to keep the index up to date. This means that the entire collection must be transmitted for re-indexing to the central server as often as the index is updated. Administrators must trade-off network utilization with the frequency of updates. TeraText MPS collects metadata in a central server for searching. TeraText MPS also provides a collector application that allows each participating collection to send update information to a central TeraText database of metadata. Network traffic is minimized as only the information that is changed is sent back to the central server. This information can be updated immediately or periodically – the network traffic is similar regardless of the frequency updates are sent.

TeraText MPS supports central search without necessarily replicating the entire collection. Metadata is collected in a central server for searching but administrators can configure the server to direct users to either a local copy or the original site to access the object. This allows an administrator to accommodate different policies for access auditing, digital rights management, and directing network traffic to the site most capable of absorbing the load.

Open Standards-Based Capabilities

TeraText MPS uses the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata harvesting (OAI-PMH) standard implemented at both the centralized repository and the participating collections. This provides an open architecture that allows MPS solutions to integrate with other federated indexing collections. TeraText MPS can harvest metadata from TeraText MPS collectors or other OAI-PMH implementations.

In addition to the customizable web interface, the centralized metadata repository also supports search using the library metadata and search protocol, Z39.50 (virtually identical to ISO23950), and by default stores Dublin Core Metadata Element Set encoded in the XML–based Resource Description Framework (RDF) standard. It can be configured to support the Government Information Locator Service (GILS), Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS or AS 5044), and Bib-1 metadata standards.

Application Domains

This capability is deployed to federate collections of educational materials, museum collection information, and electronic library resources.

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